Free course of positive words for children


I invite you to introduce your child to the world of positive words and to help him plant seeds for life for well-being

Let your child discover the secrets of constructive thinking

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    What will your child get in this course?

    • Many beautiful words to cultivate kids well-being;
    • 90 minutes of empowering words;
    • ONLINE program using Webex from the confort of your home;
    • The opportunity to choose the desired time and day;
    • Groups of up to a maximum of 3 children;
    • Teaching will be done in English.

    Who will teach the course?

    The course will be taught by Elena Daniela Călin, founder of the Positive Words Research project.

    Elena Daniela Calin

    I have been a positive word researcher for more than 10 years. I am the creator of one of the most viral list of positive words in the world in English. I translated the list of positive words into 25 other languages. I taught positive word classes to classes with 30 children each, for kids of 7 to 12 years old, from two state schools and held various workshops for children of all ages.

    Listen to my TEDx talk

    Listen to my TEDx talk about the Hour of Positive Words that I taught in public schools and my journey to discover the power of positive words.

    What will happen in the course?

    Among the various teaching techniques, the kids will experiment also a combination of drawings for a certain positive word (with the help of which we learn the word but also connect the part of the brain responsible for language processing with the part that is responsible for perceiving the everyday reality) and the writing of positive words.

    Below are some of the drawings made by the children during the positive word classes in the Romanian language.